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August Green Guide

Help Keep The Kansas City Water System Clean

*Provided by Kansas City Water Services

Kansas City Water Services maintains a storm water system that extends more than 300 square miles and includes 35,000 storm inlets.

Kansas City’s sewer system is made up of combined and separate sewers. In a separate sewer system, storm water and wastewater are collected in two different pipes.  The wastewater is routed to a wastewater treatment plant for treatment and the storm water flows directly to nearby rivers and streams without treatment.   A combined sewer system collects storm water and wastewater in the same pipe.  The wastewater and storm water collected is routed to a wastewater treatment plant for treatment.

A typical storm drain in the combined system for Kansas City will enter into brush creek, flow into the Blue River and finally into the Missouri River where Kansas City gets its drinking water.

Missouri OrganicEverything we put in the storm drain ends up in our water source.  There are some simple things we can do to keep our water clean:

  • Don’t litter
  • Don’t put anything down the storm drains
  • Plant native plants instead of grass, especially along water ways

Thanks for helping keep Kansas City’s water clean!

*Provided by Kansas City Water Services