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May Training Tip

A Recovered You is a Better You

By Coach Eladio Valdez III

Many of you have recently completed or in the near future will complete your spring race(s).  If so, I hope you’ve enjoyed a positive race experience!  After your spring race, it’s important to make sure you fully recover, both in terms of your body and mind, before jumping into the next training period for your fall race.  Failure to do so adequately will increase your risk of burnout and injury for the next go around.

I know it’s tempting to look ahead right away and get back out there, but you’ll have an even better fall race if you back off to allow all the microtears from the training and racing to heal up.  Typically, for every 1 mile raced, allow for 1 day of recovery. If you’ve been dealing with a nagging injury, there is no better time than to focus on doing the necessary rehab exercises to get back to 100%.  If you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and feel tired, this is the best time to simply take a break from running until your energy and motivation return to take on your next adventure.

During this down time, either take a full break from running for up to a few weeks or keep the mileage and intensity very low – to the tune of 2-4 short, relaxed runs a week for 2-4 weeks.  Cross training and walking are welcomed as long as you are healthy and not overtired to maintain some basic fitness.  However, what you lose in fitness, you’ll more than make up in recovery and will be able to quickly get back that running fitness once you ease back into the next training schedule.  Show patience now and your body will reward you later!

Along those same lines, I am starting a NEW All Purpose Running Class from May 7 to June 4 in which we’ll address all the little things such as mobility, balance, basic strength & speed that will improve your running.  We’ll meet at a park and alternate short bouts of jogging (to warm up the muscles) with brief exercise routines.  Anyone is welcome to enjoy a complimentary workout for this unique and fun class – simply RSVP to me at
In addition to the Running Class, there will be a clinic on May 22 on “The Best Strength Exercises that ALL Runners should Do” at 6:30 p.m. at the 119th and Quivira Garry Gribbles Running Sports Store. Physical therapist Dr. Dan Lorenz will present a hands-on clinic consisting of exercises that all runners can incorporate to improve their running. This clinic is free and open to the public – simply RSVP to me at