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Meet Hoddy - Honor Hero for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride & KC area business owner

march.hoddy“I was shocked – so was everyone I knew. They referred to me as “the healthiest person we know.”

I am 34 years old and a mother. I moved here only three and a half years ago from my hometown of San Francisco with my husband who is a Kansas native. I have three kids, one kindergartener and two four-year old twins (yes, I had three kids in about a year and a half). I am a former big firm lawyer who left a six figure paycheck and moved half way across the country to try out my dream. I am the owner of two fitness studios called the Bar Method. One is located in Park Place in Leawood and the other is in Westwood, near Woodside Health Club. In March of 2014, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma. I was shocked – so was everyone I knew. They referred to me as “the healthiest person we know.” Over the course of this past summer, I combined traditional chemotherapy and with alternative medicine. I was always into this stuff before – buying organic from Whole Foods, drinking chlorophyll water to alkalize the body, but with this new motivation I delved even deeper. I started meditating, seeing an acupuncturist, taking Chinese herbs, visiting an energy worker, lying in an infrared sauna. I changed my already healthy diet and went super clean – no dairy, no gluten, no sugar. I did the whole thing, worked, tried to be a good mom, went bald (yes, that was traumatic), wore a wig, etc. During this time, I tried to be as light hearted as possible – do funny videos, wear wigs that Katy Perry would wear. At this time, I am considered in remission. For more information on LLS’s Team in Training, please contact Stacy Duncan at or Janeane Werner at or call us at 913-262-1515. Check out our website for more information about LLS and events near you! Click here to donate today!